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to the life you long for

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Hi there!

I’m Laura Horton-Ludwig, a spiritual director, life coach, and shamanic practitioner.

I’d love to help you partner with your wise, tender soul to build a life that feels more joyful, meaningful, and authentic.

A life that really feels like you–like the home you always longed for.

Yes, really!

I know, this might sound like the same old personal-growth blah-blah-blah you’ve heard a million times before. 

I get it. There are too many people out there promising stuff that just isn’t possible, right?

Why bother wondering if this time it’ll be different?

You’re so used to living with a big gap between who you are on the inside and the way you’re living your outer life. 

It’s just the way it is, right?

But that way leaves you feeling..

  • Chronically misunderstood, resentful, resigned, and sad
  • Burned out
  • Exhausted, overwhelmed, and depleted

you haven’t given up hope 

that maybe it could be different.

Maybe somehow you could finally come into your own, and live the life you’ve been longing for. 

And it would feel like healing, freedom, joy…

like being fully alive, 

fully connected to your soul,

and so very glad to be yourself.

This is not trendy coach-speak. I’m deadly serious here. 

And I truly believe this is 100% possible for you. 

I know because I’ve lived it, and so have my clients.


“Laura has helped me to uncover my life vision and create a clear roadmap for the journey. She is highly intuitive and compassionate--and often can hear what I may not be able to put into words. Her questions are thought-provoking and challenge me to align my actions with my vision. I am forever grateful!”

–L. L., current client

Laura looking up

Here’s what I’ve learned: 

You can make the most amazing shifts, in both your inner and outer life, when you grow a loving, supportive connection with your deepest, wisest self.

Many people experience this deep, wise part of themselves as Spirit, God/dess, or a million other words for that sense of something more, a presence both within and beyond us. Guide, friend, holy mystery.

Others experience it simply as intuition or gut instinct—a felt sense of what’s right for them. A sense of knowing when you’re on the right track, or when something feels off and you need to make a shift.     

Whatever name you give to that deepest, wisest part of you, I can help you develop your connection with it,

as a practical tool you can start using right now,

and as a rock-solid, reliable long-term guide to help you get back into alignment with your deepest longings. 

But trusting that inner authority isn’t easy, though, right? 

How many times have you blown off those inner nudges as too dramatic, too sensitive, too needy, too impractical, too much

How many times have you ignored what you really wanted, and kept your life safely within the bounds that someone else has drawn for you?

And if you’re used to  contorting yourself to be and do whatever the people around are comfortable with, you may not even know any more what your soul wants and needs.

When we work together, I can support you in coming to embrace who you are,

listening for what you truly want and need,

and making changes,

so you can show up in your relationships, work, spiritual life, and everywhere else as the person you really are,

at ease and happy to be yourself. 

“I appreciate how gentle, encouraging, and safe you feel. You helped me see the ways I am already ok – and not just ok, but deeply loved. You hold your clients so tenderly and carefully.”


Ready to dive in?

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Workshops to help you find spiritual grounding and navigate tricky life challenges

Clergy coaching groups

Supporting clergy who identify as highly sensitive, so you can craft ways of ministering that honor your soul

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“Laura’s emails are like a ray of sunshine. There, in the subject, her words quiet my anxious body. I feel myself take a breath, and as I click to the message inside, she invites me to live differently. The way I want to live.” 



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