Come home

to the life you long for

Spiritual guidance, coaching, and healing that honors your wise, tender soul

With your creativity and compassion, your spiritual longings, and your intuition, you see the world differently.

You are a bright light in the world. But when other people don’t get you, it can be hard to be yourself, and share your gifts in a way that feels good.

And if you’ve gotten used to contorting yourself to be and do whatever the people around are comfortable with, you may not even know any more what your soul wants and needs.

So you end up with a big gap between who you are on the inside and the way you’re living your outer life.

But what if it could be different?

What if you really could come into your own, and live the life you’ve longed for–inside and out?

I’ve been supporting people in this work for years, and I’d love to help you too. 


I’m Laura Horton-Ludwig, a spiritual director, life coach, shamanic practitioner, and Unitarian Universalist minister.

Through one-on-one work, small groups, and workshops, I can help you connect more deeply with your spiritual core, and use all the wisdom you find there to make changes to your life on the outside…so your life can feel more joyful, meaningful, and authentic.

And I’m glad you’re here!

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Next steps

You can read more about who I work with best.

Or if you already know you’re ready to connect, let’s chat by email or set up a time to talk about what’s happening in your life, what you’re hoping for, and how I could support you. 

And no matter what’s brought you here, thank you for showing up. I’d love to connect more soon!

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