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Hi there!

I’m Laura Horton-Ludwig, a spiritual director, life coach, and shamanic practitioner.

I’d love to help you partner with your wise, tender soul to build a life that feels more joyful, meaningful, and authentic.

A life that really feels like you–like the home you always longed for.

Yes, really!

I know, this might sound like the same old personal-growth blah-blah-blah you’ve heard a million times before. 

I get it. There are too many people out there promising stuff like that.

They make it sound so easy. But it’s actually really, really hard.

Because, deep down, you know that to really make things better in your life, you’re going to have to get right to the core of your old, old wounds and all the ways you’ve tried to keep yourself safe in the world. 

And that feels so scary. Maybe it’s not worth it?

After all, life is sort of working right now. 

Only, when you stop and check in with yourself, you know something’s off.

For a long time, you’ve been living with a big gap between who you are on the inside and the way you’re living your outer life. 

This goes way back. You’ve always felt you were different from most people. As a child, you were more emotional, more creative, more caught up in your daydreams of fantasy worlds. You got teased for being too weird and intense.

So you learned to hide your true self. 

And for a long time, it helped.

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But now, years later, that old pattern has made it hard for you to be honest with your loved ones when something they’ve done has hurt you. You worry that if you tell them how you really feel, they’ll be upset with you, maybe judge you for being “too sensitive.” 

Maybe you even feel shy just letting people know about the nerdy, quirky things that make you happy–like browsing oracle card decks online, or rewatching the old BBC Brother Cadfael mysteries for the third time, or taking personality-type quizzes and devouring those follow-up posts on “the top 10 things you wish people understood about (your type).”  

So you keep yourself hidden, even from the people who love you the most. 

And that dynamic holds you back from the deeper layers of intimacy you crave. 

On a practical level, it also keeps you stuck tolerating all sorts of things that drive you up the wall and drain your energy every day– 

from the little things, 

like when you’re irritated that your partner’s taking a long time to put the laundry away, but you keep talking yourself out of saying anything,

to the really big things, 

like staying in a job you hate because making a change just seems so overwhelming and impractical.

But that’s just the way it is, right?

Except, that way leaves you feeling..

  • Chronically misunderstood, resentful, resigned, and sad
  • Burned out
  • Exhausted, overwhelmed, and depleted

I know, change isn’t easy. 

Maybe your family made it very clear to you which career paths or kinds of partners would be acceptable. You did what they wanted…but now you’re feeling trapped and stuck and miserable.

Or maybe you know what it’s like to be in a family where addiction or abuse was the norm. You learned how to stay safe by keeping yourself small, quiet, and hidden. Even now that you’re out of that situation, it is so hard to shake those old patterns. 

And maybe there are big, practical reasons why change would be really hard. Money, for example. Especially if you’ve got family depending on you, you can’t just quit your job and move to Bali. Whatever you do, you still need to keep paying the bills each month. 


you haven’t given up hope 

that maybe it could be different.

Maybe somehow you could finally come into your own, and live the life you’ve been longing for. 

This is not trendy coach-speak. I’m deadly serious here. 

And I truly believe this is 100% possible for you. 

I know because I’ve lived it, and so have my clients.


“Laura has helped me to uncover my life vision and create a clear roadmap for the journey. She is highly intuitive and compassionate--and often can hear what I may not be able to put into words. Her questions are thought-provoking and challenge me to align my actions with my vision. I am forever grateful!”

–L. L., current client

Laura looking up

Here’s what I’ve learned: 

You can make the most amazing shifts, in both your inner and outer life, when you grow a loving, supportive connection with your deepest, wisest self.

And as you connect in with that deep, wise self:

You’ll gain a practical tool you can start using right now–

so you can move forward, for example, on those long-deferred to-dos that have been stressing you out for months or even years. 

(Yes, in my experience, Spirit is happy to help you get your home organized, if that’s what will help you feel more peaceful!) 

And you can begin to address the deeper challenges in your relationships, at work, and anywhere else you’re feeling unfree.

You’ll also discover a rock-solid, reliable long-term guide, ready to offer you wisdom, hope, and comfort:

  • When you have to make a difficult choice, and you need help figuring out what to do.

  • When a beautiful opportunity is before you, and you need some courage to say yes to it.

  • When a crisis hits, and you need help putting the pieces of your shattered world back together.

  • When you’re exhausted, and you need some permission to rest.

  • And when you’re ready to move toward what you truly want, and you need the strength that comes from knowing–and loving–who you really are.

Ready to dive in?

Wonderful! I’m already looking forward to getting to know you.

One-on-one support

Work with me one-on-one, so you get the in-depth support you need, customized just for you


Take a workshop, so you can find spiritual grounding and navigate tricky life challenges

Religious professional coaching groups

Join a group just for highly sensitive clergy or religious educators, so you can craft ways of serving that honor your soul

Or, to get a quick sense of what it's like to work with me:

Let me invite you to try out one of my free monthly online Reflect & Connect gatherings.

You’ll get to meditate on a poem, journal about how it connects with you and the challenges you’re facing, then share (if you want, and always in confidence) about what came up for you. 

You can RSVP for just once, or as often as you like.

And now…

May I tell you a little about my email list?

It’s weekly-ish, and it’s where I share stories and lots of practical advice about spirituality and living a life that brings you joy. Plus you’ll be the very first to hear about new workshops, free stuff, and special offers.

Will you join me?

“Laura’s emails are like a ray of sunshine. There, in the subject, her words quiet my anxious body. I feel myself take a breath, and as I click to the message inside, she invites me to live differently. The way I want to live.” 



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