Are you really allowed to arrange your life in a way that works for you?

Do you ever feel like somehow you don’t have the right to arrange your life in a way that really works for you? Let me tell you right now: You do. You absolutely do.

And yet, if you’re like many sensitive or intuitive people, you may be feeling a lot of pressure to contort yourself into conforming with other people’s expectations of what you should be doing.

Recently, I’ve worked with a number of clients to explore some changes they wanted to make in their life. With each of these brilliant, wise people, two things were clear right away:

  1. They each knew how they wanted things to be. I mean, they were all absolutely clear on what they would change to make their life better, more sustainable, more productive, and more fun. Some of these changes involved re-setting expectations with family members or workmates, but none of them were drastic or draconian.
  2. However: None of them believed they could actually pull it off. Why? Because they feared that these changes, which they wanted to make for their own well-being, would disappoint people they cared about. Now, they weren’t worried that the people around them would be angry! Just worrying that they might be disappointing someone close to them was almost enough to stop them from even trying.

Does that sound familiar to you?

If so, I strongly urge you to consider this:

If you’re letting other people’s discomfort stop you from living in a way that brings you joy and peace, do you think they would really want that for you?

Do you really believe the people who care about you want you to stay stuck in unhappy patterns, just so they can stay comfortable? Change is scary. But the people worth keeping around will celebrate with you as you grow.

And again, if you prioritize other people’s comfort over the needs of your own soul, what does that say about how much you value yourself?

I know, it can be really hard to prioritize your own needs. Especially for people who are sensitive and finely attuned to the needs and moods of others. And double-especially for people who have lived in environments where their needs were not valued.

But I believe your soul deserves to thrive. And I hope you believe that too.

Wishing you every blessing along your way,


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