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I’m Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig, and I’ve been serving UU congregations for over 20 years. I look forward to connecting and getting to know your congregation! 

If you’ve landed here, you’ve already had the opportunity to check out my Ministerial Record through the UUA Transitions Office. I hope it’s given you a good sense of who I am as a minister. 

Now, let me offer you some additional info so you can get a fuller sense of me and the kind of energy I bring to my ministry. Below, you’ll find videos, writings, and a few photos. 

You’re also welcome to explore the rest of this website to learn more about the community ministry I offer alongside of my congregational ministry. You might especially want to check out: 

  • About me (this is how I introduce myself to a diverse audience, including non-UUs and spiritual-but-not-religious people)
  • Workshops I offer (I’ve taught all these in both UU and multifaith contexts)

Thanks so much for spending this time getting to know me. If you’d like to connect further, please reach out and let’s set up a time to talk!



Experience a guided meditation: How to take care of yourself when it feels like the world is out of control

Watch a sermon: 


Read a sermon text:

Check out my blog. I write this for a spiritually diverse audience, so I don’t use a lot of specifically UU language, but it’s all deeply informed by my UU values. For example:

Download my ebook Conversations with Spirit, introducing three intuitive spiritual practices to help you gain insight and find practical responses to challenges you’re facing.


Laura speaking at Black Lives Matter witness
Speaking at a Black Lives Matter event
7 24 22 with Hanni
After a service
Laura on Xmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Blessing the stuffed animals
Stuffed animal party with the children!

Questions? Ask me anything.

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