Custom one-on-one support

Let’s get you the perfect mix of support, customized just for you

We start with you. 

The whole you.

We figure out what you need. And we keep it flexible, so this space can be what you most need it to be at any given moment.

Painter at easel
What if…

You want a space to dive deep into your spiritual life. To slow down, notice your breathing, notice those little moments of sacredness in your day. 

And yet, you also seriously need to get the house cleaned up and finally organize that horrible messy closet that fills you with frustration every time you open it. 

That’s reality, right?

Here, we can do all of that. This space can hold all of that.

And we can pivot on a dime when that’s what you need.

Say the night before we’re scheduled to meet, you have a really weird dream. You want to spend some time with it so you can figure out what it means for you.

But you also need help figuring out how to respond to a tricky situation at work, like right now, please! 

We can do that. This space can hold all of that. 

Or maybe you don’t have any idea what you need. But your gut is telling you  setting aside some time like this, 

to take care of yourself and figure things out, 

would be a good idea. 

You don’t have to have it all figured out. This space can hold you. 

How to get started

Set up a free call (Zoom or phone, your choice) to talk with me about what’s going on and what you’re hoping for. It’s completely fine if you’re not sure what you need.

On the call, I’ll listen and ask questions. You can ask me anything, too. Toward the end of our conversation, I’ll suggest what kind of support I think might serve you best. 

And together, we’ll figure it out!

Practical details

Once we have a sense of what kind of support will help you most, we can sort out the logistical details. Here’s what you need to know: 

How: We’ll meet on Zoom, or by phone if you prefer. Sessions are typically one hour.

How much: $175/session, including email, Zoom, & phone support in between our regular meetings. Just reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk briefly whenever you need it. 

How often: For most clients, I recommend meeting twice a month at first, then re-evaluating in a few months to fine-tune the frequency that works best for you. 

But wait, what would this look like, exactly?

Here's an example:

Maybe you’re not feeling happy with your life right now. And you have some ideas about how you want it to be instead. But you’re feeling unsure about the whole premise of focusing on your own wants and needs.

If that’s you, you’re not alone. So many of us were raised to mistrust our needs and desires. Maybe you were taught to put others’ needs before your own, and it feels weird and selfish and vaguely wrong to focus on yourself.

Or maybe you were taught in subtle or not-so-subtle ways that there was something fundamentally wrong with you.

But that’s not true. There is nothing wrong with you, your needs, or your soul’s longings.

If it’s hard for you to believe that, spiritual direction and shamanic work can help you directly experience divine love and support, so you can love and celebrate exactly who you are, right now, and who you want to become.

Woman with hand over her heart

Or if you’ve been doing spiritual growth work for a while, you might still feel stuck in life situations—work, relationships, whatever it is—that aren’t serving you well. 

I’ve been there too. 

Please hear me: it’s absolutely true that you can find profound spiritual lessons in suffering and discomfort. And yet, sometimes you might make the mistake of using “spiritual growth” as an excuse to stay passively stuck in miserable situations, when your soul is actually desperate to get the heck out! 

In that case, adding coaching into the mix can help you find the courage to change what needs changing in your outer life. Shamanic journeying might help you break through into some new perspectives, too. 

The bottom line: this space can hold all of you, wherever you are. 

Ready to get started?

Let’s talk!

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