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I’m glad you’ve made it here! Feel free to jump right to the free stuff if you want:
But if you have a moment, may I share with you why I’m offering these things?

You know how it is when you’re reading a book, and you come to a phrase that just leaps out at you? 

It happened for me once, years ago, reading Virginia Woolf.

Today, I could tell you almost nothing about her novel Night and Day, but I vividly remember this one little phrase, spoken by one of her characters: “You have destroyed my loneliness.” 

That one phrase has stayed with me for decades now. At the time, it gave me hope that maybe the soul-deep loneliness I felt would not last forever. 

Whether I could trust that feeling of hope, I had no idea. That was way before I found my way into any kind of conscious spirituality. But over the years, the loneliness I used to feel has been healed in so many ways.

And my experience has taught me, when words on a page sparkle out at me like that, it’s time to pay attention. 

Today, here’s what I believe:

Those sparkly messages are part of an ongoing conversation between our own spirit and a larger Spirit. (Or maybe you call it the deep self, or intuition, or the Universe, or God/dess…call it divine energy, or the Beloved, or Presence, or wisdom…call it whatever name feels right to you, or no name at all.)

And that larger Spirit is constantly reaching out to you too–

to heal your loneliness, 

your fear,

and all the pain and stuckness in your life that feels so intractable–

through those seemingly random phrases in books, poems, songs that catch your attention,

through your dreams,

through subtle flashes of insight that come to you out of nowhere,

and through your own desire to heal.

If that resonates with you,

I’d love to offer you a couple of free tools 

that will help you pay attention to those intuitive messages in your own life, 

so you can…

  • Experience what it’s like to connect to a wise, loving presence much larger than your conscious mind.

  • Get immediate, practical guidance on any situation you’re facing, right now. 

  • Reclaim your power, re-ground in the midst of change, and rediscover spiritual support which is always available to you.

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If you like exploring on your own,

start with my free ebook Conversations with Spirit.

This short, practical ebook will teach you three simple practices to help you connect with spiritual energy for insight and healing.

Using a favorite poem, or one of your dreams, or the ancient practice of shamanic journeying as gateways, you’ll learn to connect with your own wisest self to get guidance on whatever’s puzzling or troubling you.

You don’t need any prior experience. You definitely don’t have to be religious, or believe anything in particular. You just need to be willing to experiment and see what happens. 

Download your free copy today, 

and you’ll also start to get regular email support from me.

Conversations with Spirit ebook

And if you like small groups,

try out my free monthly Reflect & Connect gatherings

where I lead the “sacred reading” practice you’ll find in my ebook. 

These might be a good fit for you if:

  • You’d like to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me, in a relaxed small-group environment.

  • You find it helpful to hear about other people’s experiences with spirituality and life challenges, and you’re willing to hold in confidence the stories you hear others share.

  • You’re open to trying out the practice of meditating and journaling on a poem, so you can gain insight on the challenges you’re struggling with and come away with practical next steps that feel right to your soul.


Just let me know. I’d be glad to talk with you.

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