How to clear your energy, in less than a minute each day

For anyone who’s interested in learning how to clear your energy, here’s the clearing practice I use each day to release any energy I accidentally picked up that doesn’t belong to me. I hope it will inspire you to create your own clearing practice that works for you. 

(You might also want to learn how to create a daily practice for shielding energetically–one of many ways to protect yourself from being negatively affected by other people’s energy.)

Why create a daily clearing practice?

If you have the tendency to absorb other people’s energy/emotions/moods without meaning to (and many of us do!), its important to find ways of releasing that energy so it doesn’t linger in you. 

Over time, I’ve found that if I don’t deliberately release the energy I absorb from other people, I tend to experience negative effects like: 

  • Low energy, both physically and mentally 
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling sad for no reason 
  • Being short-tempered with others

But if I take the time to clear my energy each day, I feel so much better! So I’ve experimenting with a number of clearing practices over the years. 

Here’s how I do my own clearing practice now:

Each night, I sit down on the floor in a quiet corner of my house.  I always sit in the same spot; I think of it as putting down layers and layers of consistency, so that eventually the space itself feels like it’s supporting my practice. 

Then I take up the rattles I use in my shamanic practice. 

I start by rattling all around myself with the small rattle you’ll see me holding in my hand in the photo above. 

This rattle was made by shamanic healer and artist Adhi Two Owls, and it has a beautiful soft sound. To me, it has a strong association with water, as the stone handle came from a lakeshore. As I rattle around myself, I imagine a sphere of healing, cleansing water forming all around me, creating a safe container for the clearing work. 

Then I pick up my two other rattles, made by the extraordinary artist Sean Walking Bear. (You can find his work on Etsy if you’re interested.) As I rattle, I sing to myself, “All the energy that doesn’t belong to me, I let it go, I let it go.” 

When I feel ready, I physically release the energy by bending toward the ground and literally coughing it out onto the ground. Some days there’s just a little; other days it’s quite a lot!

Then, I imagine the energy dissolving into the sphere of water. 

And then I thank and release the water to safely carry the energy away from my space and return it to wherever it came from. 

I close by inviting the energy I’ve sent out to others during the day to return to me, like birds’ wings gently wrapping around me. 

How you can make this practice your own:

    What I just described? It works for me. But everyone is different, and I strongly encourage you to create your own clearing practice that works exactly right for you. Here’s a basic structure that you can customize however seems best to you: 

    1. Choose a place and time of day for your clearing practice that feels right to you. And feel free to experiment!
    2. Begin by imagining some sort of protective container around you. What images or sensations come to mind for you? There’s no right or wrong answer here. Whatever feels safe and protective to you is good. 
    3. Then, imagine yourself gathering up all the energy you’ve absorbed that doesn’t belong to you, and let it go. How you do this will be unique to you. Again, when you think about this, what images or sensations come to mind? The goal is simply to let go of any energy that doesn’t belong to you.
    4. Then invite the energy you’ve just let go to return to wherever it belongs. You don’t have to know where that is; the energy can sort itself out. You might try using a simple phrase, like “return to sender,” or a gesture, like shooing the energy away from you.
    5. Now release the protective container around you, and thank it for its help and protection. 
    6. To close, invite whatever energy of your own that you’ve sent out, whether consciously or unconsciously, to return to you. What images or sensations come to mind when you imagine this? 

    That’s it! Once you get the hang of it, this entire process usually takes less than a minute.

    I hope this helps. And if you give it a try, I’d love to hear how it goes. Feel free to email me and let me know.

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