Will you imagine with me?

What if you could be alive and joyful, 

connected to Spirit, 

rooted in who you really are, 

& growing towards your wildest, tenderest dreams 

for yourself and for our world? 


Does that sound unrealistic?

Impractical, too much to hope for?

Impossible, even?

I believe it’s possible for you, and for everyone.

I believe it’s the most important and the most wonderful thing there is.


So many people I know are stuck, overwhelmed, and on the edge of burnout.

Overwhelmed by the weight of responsibilities and commitments,

the pressure to handle it all with aplomb

in spite of your own fatigue

and the planetary crises that threaten us all.


Exhausted by relationships, institutions, and social structures

that are heavily invested in controlling you

and keeping you small

by getting you to doubt your own gifts,

your own wisdom,

your own inner knowing about what’s right for you.


But underneath all that,

your deepest self has always been there,

whispering to you, nudging you,

longing for you to listen and come home.

Come home to who you really are.

To the life you long for—

the life that is waiting for you.

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