Drinking from the Well of Spirit

An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Coming in August 2024, and available now for groups & congregations

For spiritual seekers who want to learn how to practice shamanic journeying, safely and ethically.

What if you could travel to a beautiful otherworldly realm to meet compassionate spirits and seek healing? This is the promise of Core Shamanism, a shamanic path emphasizing respect for indigenous traditions and love for the Earth.

In this 2-hour Zoom-based workshop, you’ll learn: 

  • Basic principles of Core Shamanism.
  • The importance of safety, ethics, and respect in shamanic practice, including avoiding cultural misappropriation.
  • How to journey using a drumbeat to meet a compassionate helping spirit.

What you’ll experience:

In the first part of the workshop, I’ll share a bit of my own story around shamanic journeying. Then I’ll introduce you to the basic principles of Core Shamanism in a lecture format with plenty of time for questions and conversation.

After that, I’ll teach you how to do a classic beginner shamanic journey. Using a drumbeat to help shift your consciousness into a state similar to a guided meditation, you’ll have the chance to try journeying to meet a helping spirit.

Then, I’ll invite those who wish to share a little about what they experienced, and we’ll have more time for questions and conversation before we try one more journey. 

We’ll move into a little more sharing and conversation about what we experienced, and conclude with thanks and information about next steps. 

Throughout the workshop, we’ll emphasize safety and care for one another. You’ll be encouraged to trust your own instincts about what level of participation is right for you.  

As a workshop participant, you’ll be invited to:

  • Participate as much as is comfortable for you.
  • Hold in confidence your fellow participants’ stories and experiences.
  • Support the rest of the group, and receive their support in return, by asking open questions, sharing your experiences, and honoring the experiences of others.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll gain:

  • First-hand insight into your own spirit and your connection to the holy. 
  • The experience of practicing with other spiritual seekers.
  • Practical resources to help you continue your practice on your own.
  • Opportunities to deepen your practice in an ongoing group setting, if you wish.

My background

I’ve been practicing shamanic journeying since 2013. Most of my training has been with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I’ve taken numerous trainings there and completed their Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive in 2022. I’ve also studied with Sandra Ingerman and Peter Clark.  

In addition to my shamanic background, I’m a Unitarian Universalist minister, spiritual director, and life coach. I’m passionate about equipping seekers to connect directly with Spirit through safe, ethical shamanic journeying methods that anyone can learn.

What past participants are saying

“I was hoping to experience a spiritual tradition I’m completely unfamiliar with. I deeply believe in the benefit of the human capacity to get into altered states of consciousness and really appreciate the reminder that there have been shamanic practices in my own cultural heritage, way back when. I also appreciated Laura’s kind and gentle sharing of her wisdom and experience, and gentle and enthusiastic responding to questions. The explanations and slides were beautiful and clear.”

–A. C., workshop participant

“I appreciated Laura’s clear and organized approach to teaching the skill of shamanic journeying. The PowerPoint slides were succinct, easy to understand, and helpful. Meeting in small groups to discuss our experiences provided good insights and was extremely helpful.”

–Marjorie Leon, workshop participant

Dates & times

I’ll be offering this workshop again in August 2024. If you’d like to hear as soon as the details are finalized, sign up for my email list today. 

Or, we can bring this workshop to your group or congregation. Set up a free call with me to talk more about dates, times, and costs.


Please contact me any time. I’d love to hear from you.

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