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Let’s help you get connected to your soul, discover what would really bring you joy, and make it happen

When you think about your life right now, something’s not quite right. You know it. You feel it. 

And you want things to be better. You want to feel happy and energized and peaceful again, even though you’re not exactly sure how to get there. 

For lots of people, it shows up as burnout at work. You’ve been feeling exhausted, joyless, worn out, cynical. You know this is not good for you or anyone else. And you worry that maybe it’s all your fault somehow. (I promise it isn’t!)

Or maybe you’re reeling from the loss of a loved one, whether through a breakup or divorce or death. Or even a move to a new city, where everything is strange and you don’t know where you fit any more. With so much changed, you don’t even know who you are any more.

Or maybe, if you’re really honest, you’re feeling oddly bored and frustrated with your life. On the outside, things might seem great. But inside, you’re wondering: is this all there is?

What if you set aside some time and space just for you,

to reflect on what you really want and need, and get some guidance on how to move forward?

Would that help?

It made a big difference for me.

After nearly two decades working as a congregational minister, I knew I needed a change. I was exhausted, sad, and very close to burnout. 

I knew what I wanted to do next, but it seemed impossible. Open up my own practice full-time? How could I possibly let go of my stable paycheck for a venture that might fail? I was terrified. 

But every time I let myself dream about it, I felt so happy and excited. I wanted to go for it. I just needed help. 

Coaching made the difference for me. Working with a coach, I started to create a real plan, with timelines and budgets and all the practicalities, so I could see for myself that it was possible. 

When I got overwhelmed with the multitude of things to do–getting a business license! setting up all the tech I’d need! creating workshop powerpoints!–my coach helped me take a breath and refocus on just the very next steps I needed to take. 

Today, I am so grateful to be where I am now, and for all the help I got along the way.

And I am in awe of the power of coaching 

to help you discover what you really long for, 

move through even the biggest, messiest challenges,

and create a life that is deeply, joyfully aligned with who you really are. 

A life where you can be yourself and share your gifts with joy, because you know and trust that who you are is wonderful and worthy of full expression. A life where you get to be happy.  A life that feels like home. 

In life coaching, you’ll have the chance to…

  • get clearer on who you are and what you really want, on a soul-deep level.

  • explore practical ways you could move closer to that vision—including navigating through the inner and outer obstacles on your way.

  • decide on what steps you’re ready to take today to make it happen, based on your own sense of what’s right for you.

If your spirit is saying yes to this, it would be my honor to support you. Let’s talk!

And by the way…

You can choose from three main flavors of coaching:

1. Spiritually grounded life coaching

A safe, playful space for you to explore what would really bring you joy, what’s getting in the way, and how you want to move forward.

Each time we meet, you decide on a particular aspect of your life you’d like to explore. Work, relationships, spirituality, finances, health, family and friends, having more fun…it’s all on the table! You have complete flexibility to explore whatever topics are most pressing and energizing in your life.

It could be something like, “How can I make time every day for a little fun and relaxation, so I can enjoy some time just for me and stop feeling so irritated at everyone?”

Or this: “How can I have a hard conversation I’ve been avoiding, so I can bring some healing to the relationship?”

Or: “How can I finally quit the job I hate and do what I really want to do (even if I’m not completely sure what that is yet)?”

Whatever you choose to focus on, I’m here to listen to you, believe in you, get curious about you, and gently challenge you to move closer to what you really want.

And together, we’ll explore your hopes, dreams, and visions for yourself at a soul-deep level, so you can get in touch with what you really, really want. 

Toward the end of our conversation, I’ll invite you to think creatively about how you could move closer to your vision, and then decide for yourself what you’ll commit to. That’s always up to you too.

(Keep reading for the practical details)

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2. Shamanic coaching for transformation

It’s like what I just described in #1, only we’ll add in shamanic journeying, so you can gain deeper insights into what’s really going on.

This flavor of coaching can be so much fun! And the insights you gain can be extremely powerful. 

I’ll help you journey shamanically to seek guidance on the questions and issues you bring to coaching. Then we’ll explore how to translate that guidance into personal insight and practical action.

Here’s a quick example of how shamanic guidance can help with practical life stuff: 

Once, I was on the fence about whether to accept a particular work opportunity. There were a few red flags, but I was tempted. 

So I did a journey to ask for guidance. In the journey, I ended up swimming in the ocean, where I saw a school of cute little red fish swimming toward me—all carrying signs that said “NO!” 

So yeah, that was pretty clear. And in the end, those cute little fish were absolutely right!

Practical details for these two kinds of coaching:

How: We’ll meet on Zoom, or by phone if you prefer. Meetings are typically one hour.

How much: $175/meeting, including email, Zoom, & phone support in between our regular meetings. Just reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk briefly whenever you need it. 

How often: For most clients, I’ll invite you to commit to twice a month for at least 4 months, to give yourself the gift of consistent support you can count on. After that, you might choose to go to monthly for ongoing support and gentle accountability. 

And, we can mix up “regular” coaching and shamanic coaching from week to week depending on what feels best to you in the moment.

3. Creating Your Next Chapter

This one is different! 

It’s a highly structured one-on-one program to give you intensive support for making a major life change. 

Over 10 sessions, you’ll move through a series of time-tested, reliable coaching exercises to help you get clearer on your soul’s deep needs, your core values, and your life purpose, so you can develop a vision for your next chapter and start bringing it to life.

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The sessions: 

  1. Beginnings (getting an overview of where you’re at right now)

  2. Your ideal week (creating a vision for how you’d like your schedule to be)

  3. Your needs & how you can meet them (getting clarity on what’s essential for you to thrive)

  4. Your core values, part 1 (discovering what’s most important to you)

  5. Your core values, part 2 (moving toward greater alignment with your values)

  6. Your purpose (discovering your unique essence/presence/purpose–your “being” vs. doing)

  7. Your mission (discerning how you want to live out your purpose right now)

  8. A vision for your next chapter (building on everything you’ve discovered so far, creating a vision for how you want your life to be & what you’re moving toward)

  9. Creating a plan for how to get there (moving closer to your vision)

  10. Living into your next chapter (Creating your plan for ongoing support as you live into your next chapter—and, of course, celebrating how far you’ve come!)

The program fee is $1900, including unlimited email, Zoom, & phone support in between our meetings for the duration of the program.

I recommend scheduling 2 sessions a month, but we can go faster or slower if that works better for you.

And after you’ve completed the program, you can always shift into regular coaching for ongoing support.


Working with Laura as a coach has been a true gift. I came to Laura seeking to hone my skills as a minister and gain clarity about my calling. Through curiosity, thoughtful questions, and embodied spiritual practice, Laura has repeatedly guided me back to my own wisdom. I often come away from our sessions with greater clarity, renewed energy, and feeling deeply supported. Because of our work together, I feel like I am able to show up more fully and authentically as a spiritual leader.


Ready to get started?

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