One-on-one support

Customized one-on-one work to support your flourishing

When you figure out a way of living that truly feels right for you–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–you may be amazed at how much love and support is available to you…

how much you have to offer this world…

and how good it feels just to be yourself. 

You want to feel alive and passionate and joyful. You want to live your life, not someone else’s.

And you may have looked for help and support from many sources already. 

But what if you’re still struggling?

When you start with honoring your own soul, even the most difficult challenges become so much easier.

Principles for honoring your soul

What does it mean to honor your own soul? Here I’m going to quote directly from my “How it works” page, because these principles are just so important.

  • Who you are is good. 

The way you are–your essence, your core–is wonderful, beautiful, and exactly right for you. Though you may struggle with fitting into the rest of the world, it’s not because you are “a problem.” You, with all your gifts and needs, are sacred, and you deserve to have joy. 

  • You can trust your instincts about what’s working in your life and what’s not.

Lots of people will be glad to tell you what they think you should be doing, but they’re not you and they don’t know what it’s like to be you. You and your instincts are the best judge of what’s right for you, when it comes to your work, your relationships, your spirituality, or anything else.


  • The longings of your heart can guide you toward a fuller, more joyful life.

How often do you allow yourself to ask, what do I really, really want? Not what you think you should want, or what other people expect you to want–but what does your heart really long for? As you listen, you’ll grow in clarity about who you are, what brings you joy, and what you were born to do with your life. 

  • Your creativity can help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you dream of being.

It might seem impossible to realize your dreams. And indeed, it probably won’t happen overnight. But what if you made one small change that brought you just a little closer to the life you long for? And then another, and another? Once you get started, you may be astonished at how much creative energy you have to achieve your goals and make the changes that bring you closer to peace and joy. 

If this resonates with you, here’s how I can support you one-on-one:

Working with you individually means that I am 100% focused on supporting you personally in the journey of honoring your soul and letting it guide you to the life you long for.

And, we’ll figure out together what that support looks like for you. 

I bring three distinct, complementary modes of working together that we can mix and match depending on what you need:

  • As a spiritual director, I can hold space for you as, together, we listen to the voice of your soul and the deep wisdom within and beyond it. I bring to our time together an absolute conviction that who you are is holy and good. 
  • As a coach, I can support you in making changes to align your outer life—work, relationships, how you spend your free time, and/or any other part of your life—with your inner self. I won’t tell you what I think you should do, because you are the expert on you. But I will be aligned with you, I will be curious about you, and I will believe in you.
  • As a shamanic practitioner, I can teach you how to do shamanic journeys for yourself, if you wish, so you can directly connect to spiritual energy, wisdom, and love. And, if you want, I can also do healing work with you. Many people find that shamanic healing helps to strengthen their overall well-being, which makes everything else easier!

Using the whole toolkit

Some clients show up looking for only one of these ways of working. That’s great! They can each help support you on their own. 

But I can help even more by bringing my whole toolkit to our work together.

For example, you might be interested in life coaching, but unsure about the whole premise of focusing on your own wants and needs.

If so, you’re not alone. So many of us were raised to mistrust our needs and desires. Maybe you were taught to put others’ needs before your own, and it feels weird and selfish and vaguely wrong to focus on yourself. Or maybe you were taught in subtle or not-so-subtle ways that there was something fundamentally wrong with you.

But that’s not true. There is nothing wrong with you, your needs, or your soul’s longings. If it’s hard for you to believe that, spiritual direction and shamanic work can help you directly experience divine love and support, so that you can love and celebrate exactly who you are, right now, and who you want to become. 

Or if you’ve been doing spiritual growth work for a while, you might still feel stuck in life situations—work, relationships, whatever it is—that aren’t serving you well. In that case, coaching can help you find the courage to change what needs changing in your outer life. Shamanic journey work might help you break through into some new perspectives, too.  

So I invite you to let me partner with you with the full range of skills and experience I bring. You’ll always be in charge of where we go, because it’s all in the service of your growth, your healing, and your goals.  

As we work together, you can expect to gain:

  • Greater understanding and appreciation for your unique ways of connecting to the holy and being in the world.
  • Confidence in your ability to create a life that brings you joy, from the inside out.
  • Practical tools to help you get clearer on what needs changing.
  • Custom strategies we’ll design together based on your own soul-deep needs, so you can thrive in all areas of your life.
  • Techniques for healing and coaching yourself that you can use long after our work together ends.

You may be wondering...

I believe structural oppression is real and highly damaging to our souls, minds, hearts, and bodies, especially those of us who identify as BIPOC and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Though I have a lifetime of experience living with gender discrimination, as a straight cisgender white woman I can’t fully know what it’s like to be a person of color and/or a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

But it breaks my heart to see the ways that racism, homophobia, transphobia, and the many other “isms” of this world have harmed so many people I love.

It is my heart’s desire that all people can be safe and free to live openly and joyfully as their own authentic self. That’s the fundamental reason why I’m here doing this work. So I’ve worked hard to be a respectful, supportive ally of folks in marginalized communities. 

If we work together, I promise that I will listen deeply to you about what your life is like and what you need. I will believe you and and believe in you.

And if you ever feel like I’m not getting it, or if I say something unskillful or hurtful, however unintentionally, I sincerely ask you to tell me as soon as possible, so I can stop, shift, and do better as a partner in your healing and growth.

No. I do not provide counseling, therapy, or psychotherapy services. I’m not a good fit for someone going through an acute mental health crisis or seeking care for ongoing mental health challenges.

However, many people seek out therapy not because of an acute mental illness, but because they feel like their lives aren’t working, and they don’t know what to do about it.

If that sounds like your situation, though I don’t offer therapy, I may well be able to support you in making significant positive changes in your life.

It depends. Together, you and I will figure out what you need, and how I can best support you.

Some clients arrive with specific, clear goals. For example, say you’re looking to do some focused work around exploring a career change. We might decide to set up a package of, say, 2 meetings a month for 4 to 6 months, to support you in getting in touch with the deep needs underlying your desire for change, exploring possibilities, and beginning to take action.

Other clients arrive seeking an ongoing relationship of spiritual support for whatever comes up in their lives. For many people, the sense of being held in a consistent, safe, supportive container is exactly what will help most. It can be such a relief to know you’ve got regular sessions on the calendar, and you can always bring whatever is happening in your life, to explore and sit with what it all means.

If that sounds like you, we might decide on a monthly meeting time that can continue as long as you want.

Ultimately, it’s about discovering just the right kind of support for you, so that you feel supported, affirmed, and energized.

Each session of individual work lasts about 60 minutes. Ideally, we’ll find a consistent, regular time that works for your schedule.

As for how often, we can figure that out together. We can meet monthly, biweekly, or even weekly, depending on what will best serve you right now.  And we can change up the frequency as your needs evolve.

Yes, I work exclusively via Zoom, or phone if you prefer.

Partly this is for practical reasons—it allows me to work with people anywhere in the world as long as they have a cell phone or an internet connection.

But also, many people find they actually prefer doing this kind of work remotely. There’s a focused purity of energy in working one-on-one online that may help you drop down into your heart more easily.

And because you get to choose where you are physically when we meet, you may feel freer and more empowered than you would meeting in someone else’s physical space.

Plus, there’s no commute, and you don’t have to worry about running into anyone you know in the waiting room!

That depends on what kind of support you’re looking for. If you’re interested in working on specific goals, I’ll invite you to decide on some actions you want to experiment with as you work toward those goals. Each time we meet, you’ll create your own next steps that you’ll commit to trying before the next time we meet.

The details are entirely up to you. It could be just thinking about a powerful idea that came up for you that day, or talking with someone to explore a new possibility, or trying on a new behavior—whatever you believe will help you get closer to what you really long for in your life. 

And don’t worry, if life gets in the way and you’re not able to do what you intended, that’s ok! In that case, I might ask you, what got in your way, and what can you learn from that? But I’m not here to judge or reproach you in any way. I’m here to support your growth and learning, gently and with confidence that you’ll make progress in your own good time.

I will hold what you tell me in strict confidence. I won’t tell anyone we’re working together or disclose any details about our work together unless I am legally required to do so.

To help others dealing with similar challenges, or in consultation with trusted colleagues as part of my professional development, I may occasionally share broad themes, questions, or insights that emerge in our work. But I will always change any details that could possibly identify you.

You, however, are always free to share whatever you want about our work together.

From me, you can expect that:

  • I will honor you as a person who is sacred, whole, creative, competent, and resourceful.
  • During our sessions together, I will be completely focused on you and support you to the best of my abilities.
  • I will listen with an open mind to any question or request that you have for me, and I will respond with curiosity and compassion.
  • I will respond promptly to emails, texts, and phone calls and tend to any logistical needs you may have in a timely manner.

I ask that you as a client:

  • Show up for our sessions and participate fully to the best of your ability.
  • Be curious and open to learning about yourself and your world.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Let me know as soon as possible if you’re concerned or uneasy about anything that’s happening in our work together.
  • Share your joys, celebrations, and successes as well as your struggles.

What about costs?

My standard rate is $150/hour. I may also factor in an additional fee for preparation time in between meetings.

For most clients, I’ll recommend either:

  • a package of multiple sessions, payable all at once or in installments, or
  • a plan to pay as you go for ongoing monthly support without a specific end date.

What else is included?

For all my clients, I include:

  • Brief emails or calls in between meetings if needed. If you’d like to share good news, or if you’re in need of urgent support, please let me know and we can set up a brief conversation at no additional charge. I am here for you!
  • Resources and/or exercises I think may be helpful to you. You are always free to use them or not, as seems best to you.

And a few more FAQs:

The kind of work I do is not recognized as healthcare by insurance providers, so I’m not able to take health insurance.

If my fees are out of reach for you right now and you feel drawn to work with me, let’s talk. We have a few options here:

  • Depending on your needs and interests, you might be able to join one of my group workshops and programs, which cost significantly less than individual work.
  • We could also set up occasional one-on-one sessions as your budget permits—say, 3 or 4 times a year.
  • I’m also able to offer reduced rates to a small number of clients based on financial need. If that would help, please let me know.

P.S. If you’re a Unitarian Universalist minister or religious educator, you can also apply for a grant from the UUA to subsidize work like this that supports your professional development.

If you’re able to pay more than my standard rate, I’d be most grateful if you could let me know that as well. I will consider anything you pay over and above my standard rates as a subsidy that lets me provide reduced rates to clients with fewer financial resources. 

What past clients are saying

“Working with Laura as a coach has been a true gift. I came to Laura seeking to hone my skills as a minister and gain clarity about my calling. Through curiosity, thoughtful questions, and embodied spiritual practice, Laura has repeatedly guided me back to my own wisdom. I often come away from our sessions with greater clarity, renewed energy, and feeling deeply supported. Because of our work together, I feel like I am able to show up more fully and authentically as a spiritual leader.”

–Kristen, coaching client

“I had not had such a deep, authentic Zoom connection before. I appreciate how gentle, encouraging, and safe you feel. You helped me see the ways I am already ok – and not just ok, but deeply loved. You hold your clients so tenderly and carefully.”

–Beth Collard, spiritual direction client

“Laura’s shamanic healing work is powerful!  I find her to be a calm, patient and centered guide on the healing journey.  I really appreciate that she gives me space to explore my own feelings and then allows the work of the helping spirits to naturally unfold during the session. I have left feeling empowered to move forward on my journey, grounded more fully in the present moment. Her gentle nature and strong connection with the spirits are a powerful combination that has provided me with healing that is transformative in body, mind and soul.”

–Elizabeth Fiore, shamanic healing client

How to get started

If this is resonating with you, I invite you to set up a free half-hour clearness call with me, either on Zoom or by phone. Here’s a short video about how the calls work:


During this call, we’ll get to explore how things are going with you right now. You’ll be able to experience what it’s like to work with me, and ask any questions on your mind. I’ll also invite you to share whatever you’re comfortable with about what’s happening in your life, any challenges you’re facing, and what you’re hoping for from me.

Most of the time, talking with you will give me enough information that I’ll be able to suggest a rough plan for working together right on the spot. If needed, I can follow up by email with more details.

You are welcome to take your time deciding if you’d like to move forward. Think about it, check in with your gut, and ask me any follow-up questions. If the fit feels good, it would be my honor to support you.

But, there is no commitment or obligation. Whether we decide to work together or not, my goal is for you to find greater clarity and hope about your situation, your needs, and what will support your flourishing right now.  I look forward to talking with you soon!

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