Rooted in your soul,
flowing from your heart

A 2-part online workshop series on authentic justice & equity work

Now available upon request for groups and congregations

So many of us want to bring healing to our society and our hurting planet.

But sometimes when you try to engage, you may end up feeling uneasy and uncertain about the best way for you to contribute.

Maybe you’re torn because you see and feel so many different ways that people are hurting. You only have so much energy–how do you choose? And how do you deal with the guilt over everything you’re leaving undone?

Or maybe you feel pressured by others to use tactics that don’t sit well with your soul. You want to do what’s right and effective, and you’re willing to sit with your own discomfort as you lean more deeply into justice and equity work. But how do you tell the difference between healthy discomfort and violating your own soul’s wisdom?  

If you want to get more involved in justice & equity work, 

in a way that feels natural and sustainable for you,

this Zoom-based workshop series can help.

The tools we’ll use are:

  • beginner-friendly shamanic journeying techniques
  • guided meditation
  • contemporary coaching exercises 

It’s in two parts, and you can schedule one or both: 

Part 1: The Heart of Your Gifts: A Shamanic Exploration of Authentic Justice & Equity Work

In this beginner-friendly workshop, you’ll learn about basic principles of Core Shamanism. Then, using a drumbeat to help shift your consciousness, you’ll get to try two journeys to meet a helping spirit and ask to be shown the heart of the gifts you can authentically contribute to the work of justice & equity.

Part 2: Come Home to the Life You Long For: Soul-Rooted Justice & Equity Work

This experiential, interactive workshop will help you get even clearer on your own path to authentic justice & equity work. You’ll get to try out a guided meditation to help you experience and trust your own essential goodness, plus coaching exercises to check in with your whole self to gain clarity on what you would most love to offer to the work of justice & equity, and commit to next steps on your personal path forward. 

As a workshop participant, you’ll be invited to:

  • Participate as much as is comfortable for you.
  • Hold in confidence your fellow participants’ stories and experiences.
  • Support the rest of the group, and receive their support in return, by asking open questions, sharing your experiences, and honoring the experiences of others.

Throughout the day, we’ll emphasize safety and care for one another. You’ll be encouraged to trust your own instincts about what level of participation is right for you.  


“I was hoping to connect my need for a soulful connection with my desire to be more active/intentional with justice and equity work. At the retreat, I felt seen as a highly sensitive person who is passionate about equity and justice but struggles to find a meaningful way to contribute. I learned more about what I need to take care of myself. The retreat helped me remember that I need to look within for guidance about what to do in the outside world, and not to limit myself to only choosing actions that I see others doing. I need to make my own path.”

–M. L., retreat participant

My background

As a Unitarian Universalist minister, I’ve been supporting people in justice & equity work for 20 years. I’m passionate about helping people engage in social action in powerful ways that feel right to their own soul. 

As a spiritual director and coach, there’s nothing I love more than helping people get in touch with their own deep wisdom, so they can liberate their own authentic energy and passion for positive change.

And as a shamanic teacher, I’ve been practicing shamanic journeying since 2013. Most of my training has been with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I’ve taken numerous trainings there and completed their Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive in 2022. I’ve also studied with Sandra Ingerman and Peter Clark.  

What past workshop participants are saying

“The sessions with Laura were a joy. Laura is an enthusiastic and welcoming facilitator.”

–Sara Goldsberry, spiritual practice workshop participant

“A very thoughtful dive with others into…a new technique..”

–Ellen Kaczmarek, spiritual practice workshop participant

“I was hoping to experience a spiritual tradition I’m completely unfamiliar with. I deeply believe in the benefit of the human capacity to get into altered states of consciousness and really appreciate the reminder that there have been shamanic practices in my own cultural heritage, way back when. I also appreciated Laura’s kind and gentle sharing of her wisdom and experience, and gentle and enthusiastic responding to questions. The explanations and slides were beautiful and clear.”

–A. C. shamanic journeying workshop participant

Dates & times

I’d love to bring this workshop series to your group or congregation. Set up a free call with me to talk more about dates, times, and costs.

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Please contact me with any questions, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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