Let's work together

One-on-one support

to help you connect with your soul’s deep wisdom 

and make practical changes on the outside, 

so your life can be more joyful, meaningful, and authentic 

than you ever believed possible. 

Check out these 4 options. Which feels most like you?

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Spiritual direction

I want to deepen my spiritual life in a “safe container” that can hold me as I grow.

  • Spirituality is really important to me. I want to feel more connected and spiritually grounded, but without any pressure to believe stuff that doesn’t make sense to me.

  • I’m curious about spiritual practices that help me tap into my intuition. Working on my dreams, trying out tarot, or a shamanic journey? Yes, please!

  • Sometimes I feel shy about talking about the things that are most important to me, so I need someone who’s patient and not pushy. 

  • I’m ready to commit to meeting regularly and paying attention to my spiritual life in between sessions. 

If this sounds like you, spiritual direction might be a perfect fit for you. Most clients find that once a month is just right for this kind of longer-term support. 

$150/hour, with a few sliding-scale spots available

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Spiritually grounded life coaching

I want help getting connected to my soul, discovering what would really bring me joy, and making it happen.

  • I’m not feeling happy any more. I want my life to feel better–more meaningful, more authentic, more fun, more like me again. And I think I need some help getting there.

  • Whether it’s challenges at work or in relationships, recovering from a traumatic event, or just feeling blah, I’d love some support in exploring what’s happening in my life and in my spirit, so I can figure out what would really make me happy.

  • I don’t want to be told what to do. I do want someone to listen to me, and help me dive deep spiritually & emotionally, so I can finally figure out what’s really getting in my way. 

  • I’m ready to put in the time and energy to experiment with making real changes in my life, so I can actually move forward. 

If this sounds like you, life coaching might be just right for you. 

Most clients start with biweekly support for a few months, with the option to shift to monthly for ongoing support and gentle accountability.


Shamanic drum and rattles

Shamanic healing

I just want to feel better!

  • I’m curious about what shamanic work could do for me, and I want to learn more. 

  • I’ve been feeling really off lately–like, low energy, depleted, and just not myself. I might also be working with medical professionals, but I think some spiritual work would help me too. 

  • I’ve done all I can on my own to try and feel better. Now I just need some help! 

  • I’d love to learn how to journey for my own healing too.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk about shamanic healing and how it could help you. Most clients find that 2 hours of healing work, spread over a few days, is enough to make significant progress.


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Customized one-on-one support

Wait, do I really have to choose? It all sounds great!

  • I’d love to work on both my spiritual life and all the practical stuff I have going on in my life at the same time, so I don’t have to separate myself into different boxes.

  • I need someone who can accept and encourage all of me, even (especially!) the parts that feel a little weird and tender.  

  • I’m excited about the chance to make some real changes in my life, and I’m ready to do the work to make it happen. (But I’d appreciate it if you could remind me to be gentle with myself along the way, OK?) 

If this is you, I’d love to talk with you about custom 1-on-1 work that blends it all together into the perfect mix of support for you.


And if you’d like to explore further…

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