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Customized 1-on-1 support

When you figure out a way of living that truly feels right for you, you may be amazed at how much love and support is available to you, how much you have to offer this world, and how good it feels just to be yourself. 

Learn more about the customized one-on-one work we can design together to support your flourishing. 

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Spiritual direction

What if you could talk with someone about what’s happening in your life and what it all means to the tender, hidden part of you that some people call the soul?

And what if that person didn’t try to change you or fix you or tell you what you should do—just listened, and held space, and asked a few questions to help you to hear the voice of your soul more clearly?

That’s the essence of spiritual direction, an ancient practice whose tools are attentive listening, silence, compassion, and intuition.


Life coaching

Do you ever feel like there’s supposed to be…more, somehow? Do you ever wish your life were bigger, juicier, more joyful, more meaningful, only you can’t quite figure out how to get there? 

Coaching can help you partner with your own inner wisdom to build the life you thought was impossible. It supports you in realizing your goals and desires, in any and all parts of your life where you’re not yet feeling fully energized and aligned with your heart’s longings.

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Shamanic journeying & healing

Imagine yourself traveling down into the earth and emerging in a beautiful, peaceful otherworld of forests, lakes, and plains. And now imagine that in that beautiful world, you meet a power animal—a spirit being—who has been waiting for you all your life, ready to guide and support you.

What if this wasn’t just in your imagination? What if, as nearly every indigenous culture on Earth teaches, these spirit realms are just as real as the ordinary world you already know, and filled with compassionate spirits—wisdom teachers, power animals, and healers who already care deeply for you and for the world?

Spiritual well

Workshops & groups

If you enjoy learning and growing in a supportive small-group context, group coaching or a spiritual practice group might be just right for you. Check out what’s available today!

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