Shamanic coaching gift session application

About shamanic coaching:

In a shamanic coaching session, you bring a question or challenge you’d like to explore and move forward on in some way.

It could be work-related (for example, how to approach a big project, or whether to look for a new job), or personal (for example, wanting to feel less lonely, or finding a new approach to a difficult relationship, or exploring how to deepen your spirituality). 

Really, anything that is important enough to you that you’re motivated to do something about it would make a great topic to bring to a shamanic coaching session. 

Then, in the session, I’ll lead you through a shamanic journey to gain insight and guidance about your question. If you want, I can journey along with you to ask my own helping spirits for their input on your situation.

After the journey, we’ll talk about what you experienced and how you might “operationalize” the journey advice here in ordinary reality.

And you’ll leave with a plan to move forward that you’ve created for yourself, with the help of your spirit allies.

(Learn more about shamanic coaching and other styles of coaching)

I offer these gift sessions so you can try out what it’s like to work with me. There’s no charge, no catch, no obligation–just an opportunity for both of us to experiment with working together. If you’re intrigued and excited to try it out, I invite you to apply here.

Once I receive your application, I’ll review it carefully and get back to you within 3 days with next steps. As long as what I can offer is a match for what you’re looking for, I’ll send you a link to schedule our session. Thanks and hope to connect soon!  

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