Shamanic journeying & healing

Let’s help you feel better through some shamanic healing work

(and maybe learn to journey for your own healing)

You know when you’re feeling really “off” and you’re not sure why? 

  • Maybe you’re feeling jangly, like your whole body is vibrating at too high a frequency. 

  • Or your head feels fuzzy and you feel like you need to move in slow motion. 

  • Or you’ve been really, really tired for what feels like forever. 

  • It seems like bad things just keep happening to you–like, more than for most people.

  • Your doctor says you’re fine, but you don’t feel fine. You’ve tried all the things to feel better, but your usual go-tos just aren’t helping. 

And that’s scary, because now what?

I hear you.

What I just said? I’ve lived it too. 

I discovered shamanic healing over 10 years ago now, when I was feeling more run-down and sad than I had ever been in my life. I figured, why not try it, since nothing else is working? I honestly didn’t have high hopes that it would work. 

But to my surprise, the healing I received from a shamanic practitioner helped me feel better right away. Not completely better, but a lot less crappy, more myself, more peaceful.

Then, when I learned to journey for myself, everything opened up for me. I was able to ask for healing directly, and what I received in those first few months of journeying–I don’t even have the words. Old emotional wounds soothed and healed. A new energy and vitality that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Even some long-standing physical pains resolved. 

And beyond that, it was so amazing to feel and know myself connected to a loving, wise energy that most certainly was not me.

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But hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself!

You might be wondering, what does it even mean to journey? 

Imagine yourself traveling down into the earth and emerging in a beautiful, peaceful otherworld of forests, lakes, and plains. And now imagine that in that beautiful world, you meet a spirit being who has been waiting for you all your life, ready to guide and support you.

What if this wasn’t just in your imagination?

What if, as nearly every indigenous culture on Earth teaches, these spirit realms are just as real as the ordinary world you already know, and filled with compassionate spirits—wisdom teachers, power animals, and healers who already care deeply for you and for the world?

And what if those compassionate spirits were ready and willing to help heal you–to clear out any energies that don’t belong to you, give you fresh energy, and offer you practical advice for moving forward? 

And then, what if you could learn to journey there whenever you wanted, to ask for healing and help for yourself and your community, and to develop deep friendships with these compassionate spirits? 

That’s what this is about.

It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.

And it would be my honor to share it with you, in the service of your healing. 

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“Laura’s shamanic healing work is powerful! I find her to be a calm, patient and centered guide on the healing journey. She gives me space to explore my own feelings and then allows the work of the helping spirits to naturally unfold during the session. I have left feeling empowered to move forward on my journey, grounded more fully in the present moment. Her gentle nature and strong connection with the spirits are a powerful combination that has provided me with healing that is transformative in body, mind and soul.”


Practical details:

We’ll start with a free call (Zoom or phone, your choice) to talk about what’s going on and what you’re hoping for. 

If I feel I can offer what you’re looking for, I’ll let you know roughly how much time I think would be needed.

For most people seeking shamanic healing work, 1 to 2 healing sessions is enough to accomplish a lot!

At the end of our initial conversation, if you’d like to go forward, we can set up a time for an initial healing session. We’ll work remotely, by Zoom or phone.

And if you’d like to learn how to journey for yourself, I can show you the basics in about an hour.

Once we decide on the work to be done, I’ll send you an invoice (the fee varies depending on how long the work will take, but typically $150-$300 total), plus an intake form and a client agreement.

(By the way, in my experience, remote healing works! But if you’re in the Williamsburg, VA area and would prefer an in-person healing, I can recommend my husband John B. Ludwig, a shamanic practitioner and holistic massage therapist.)

Then we’ll move into the healing work:

Before our healing session, I’ll journey on your behalf to the compassionate helping spirits I work with. They’ll tell me what kind of healing work they think would be most helpful to you right now. For example: 

Power animal retrieval

I can journey to find a power animal for you. If the power animal is willing, I’ll bring them back to you and invite them to stick around with you for the long term. In my experience, it’s like having a very smart, loving best friend who can also give you some energy and advice whenever you need it. 

Extraction healing

Especially if you’re empathic or highly sensitive, it’s easy to end up with energetic gunk from other people that’s gotten attached to you, draining your energy. I can ask my helping spirits to do what’s known as an extraction—basically, taking out all the gunk that doesn’t belong to you, and filling you back up with healthy spiritual energy.

Soul retrieval

Many shamanic cultures teach that when you go through trauma—whether it’s acute, like a car accident, or chronic, like an abusive relationship—little bits of your soul can break off and get separated from you. When you lose too many soul-bits, you tend to feel tired and sick a lot. I can ask my helping spirits to bring back those soul-bits for you, so you can be whole again.*

* A note of caution here:

Normally I would never suggest that another person can make someone else whole. That’s not cool. But I have personal experience with soul loss & retrieval that has taught me this practice is extremely powerful and beneficial. I’m not the one “making you whole”—I’m just here to facilitate your own healing in partnership with Spirit.

Learn more about my guiding principles and my approach to shamanic ethics.

When it’s time for our healing appointment, I ask that you be in a safe, quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. I’ll let you know what my helping spirits recommend, and ask your permission to do that work for you. If it sounds good to you, I’ll do a healing journey for you right then.

The healing journey

I’ll invite you to sit or lie down and be open to the healing work that’s about to happen. We’ll keep the Zoom/phone connection open so you can witness what I’m doing. 

I’ll get set up for the journey, using an eye mask to block out the light and help me concentrate. Then you’ll hear me start to drum steadily. (It’s the drumbeat that helps our minds shift into a meditative state–a theta-wave pattern, for neurobiology fans). 

I will be journeying in my mind to my compassionate helping spirits. Usually, we end up working in a beautiful Japanese temple on the shore of a lake. I’ll invite your energetic self to join us in the healing space, and then I’ll hand it over to my helping spirits. They’re the ones doing the work, not me! 

As they work, I’ll be paying close attention and perhaps taking some notes on what I see. You might hear the drum start and stop. You might also hear me commenting to you briefly about what’s happening.

Once the work is done, I’ll come out of the journey and take a few quick notes. Then I’ll come back to you and we’ll talk about what happened in the journey. 

If you feel the work is complete for now, that’ll be it! 

Or, if we’ve decided another healing session would be beneficial, we’ll get that scheduled for you. 

A few days after the healing work is all done, I’ll check back in with you to see how you’re doing. And of course, you can always come back any time if another healing would be helpful. 

Ready to get started?

Let’s find a time to talk.

And now, let’s talk about how you can learn to journey for yourself!

So how does it work if you want to learn how to journey for yourself? 

This is one of my very favorite things to share! I’d love to teach you the basics.  

I practice in the tradition of Core Shamanism taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS). It’s very safe and there are no drugs involved, just a steady drumbeat that helps your mind shift into a meditative state.

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Ways you can learn:

One-on-one instruction

We can set up an appointment via Zoom or phone, where I’ll introduce you to some basic concepts and guide you through a journey. You’ll have my full attention and support as you go. 

This takes about an hour, and the cost is $150. Get started with a free clearness call with me.

Try out a workshop

If you like group settings, you might enjoy one of my introductory shamanic journeying workshops, offered a few times a year.

Learn more about my shamanic workshops.

Learn on your own

You can download my free ebook Conversations with Spirit, which includes basic instructions on journeying and a guided drumming track you can use to practice on your own.


Ask me anything.

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