Spiritual direction

Let’s help you deepen your spiritual life in a “safe container” that can hold you as you grow.

First things first: I want you to feel safe here. 

If you’ve made it here, I’m guessing your sense of spirituality is a little out of the norm. Or maybe a lot! 

Maybe you were one of those kids who asked lots of questions in Sunday school, because what the teachers were saying didn’t make sense to you. But instead of being supported in your curiosity, you were told to keep quiet and accept what you were told. 

Or maybe, like me, you grew up in a secular family where religion and spirituality were treated as off-limits, weird, wishful thinking for ignorant people. Often, you felt your heart swell with joy when you were out in nature, or listening to a particularly gorgeous piece of music. But you had no language to talk about what that heart-feeling meant, and you didn’t think anyone would understand. So you kept it to yourself. 

But you haven’t forgotten. 

For a while now, you’ve been exploring what this whole “spirituality” thing means to you. Maybe you’ve found some books and podcasts on spirituality that speak to you, and help you feel less alone. And maybe you’ve found your way into some form of spiritual community that feels like home. 

Maybe you’ve even had some strange experiences you can’t quite explain. Like recurring dreams that feel important, larger than your regular dreams. Or a voice in your head, out of the blue, that said something you desperately needed to hear. 

Now, you really want to be able to talk about it, with someone who won’t judge you or try to convince you you’re wrong. 

You want a space just for you, to help you go deeper into your own spirituality. To get to know the outlines of your own soul. And maybe (though it might feel very tender to even hope for this) to grow some kind of connection with the something-larger you’ve always had an inkling of. 

This isn’t about “belief.” It’s about a felt experience of your spirit, and your connection to a larger presence? / wisdom? / energy? / mystery? which I personally like to call Spirit, and you can call whatever seems right to you.

This is what spiritual direction is all about:

A safe space for you to explore your spirituality, without any pressures or expectations for how it’s supposed to look or feel.

So how does it work, exactly?

We typically meet for an hour a month, on Zoom or phone (your choice). 

We often start with some silence, so that you can settle in, breathe, and notice whatever in you might be asking for your attention in that moment. Sometimes you might show up already knowing what you want to talk about. If not, that’s fine too.

Then, whenever you’re ready, you just start talking about whatever is on your mind and heart. It doesn’t have to be “super-spiritual,” though it may be. You can talk about work or relationships or anything, really—only, here, I’ll invite you to explore how it’s affecting you on the inside. I’ll mostly listen, and occasionally ask a question.

Sometimes I might invite you to take a little silence to reflect on something you just said, to listen to your intuition. Often in the silence, you might hear a word or phrase that helps. An image might come to mind that contains some meaning for you. Or you might just get a “felt sense” of what to do.

Some people also like to try out different spiritual practices during spiritual direction sessions, like dreamwork, meditating on poems or sacred texts, or pulling an oracle card or tarot card, or trying a shamanic journey. We can also draw on personality typing systems, such as the Enneagram and MBTI, for insight into your spiritual journey.

But in this space, there’s nothing you have to do or not do. We’re here to listen—to your life, to the voice of your intuition. To listen to your soul, and to the voice of the divine, if those words resonate with you. Or call it this: the part of you that feels awe, and loves deeply, and wonders about why the world is so hard sometimes, and reaches out for connection to something bigger than yourself. That’s what spiritual direction is all about.


“I appreciate how gentle, encouraging, and safe you feel. You helped me see the ways I am already ok – and not just ok, but deeply loved. You hold your clients so tenderly and carefully.”


But, wait, why is it called “spiritual direction”? I don’t think I want someone to direct me. 

Oh, I hear that! 

The term “spiritual director” is pretty old-school. 

It’s been used for thousands of years–originally in a Christian context, and these days by people of all different spiritual traditions–to refer to someone with experience in supporting others on their spiritual journeys, through listening, asking questions, and offering gentle guidance. 

Today, I use the term “spiritual director” mostly because it’s a form of shorthand that lots of people in spirituality circles understand. Some people prefer the terms “spiritual companion” or “spiritual guide,” and those are fine with me too. 

I’m definitely not here to direct you as in “tell you what to think or do.” 

It’s more like this: Say you’re taking a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Google Maps can get you pretty far. But sometimes the signal conks out, or you hit one of those “unknown roads,” and then what? You might need to stop and ask for directions from someone who knows the area. That person isn’t there to tell you where you should go. But they sure can help you find the way to get where you want to go. 

Likewise, I’m here to help you with directions as you travel on your own spiritual journey. Sometimes I might point out a shortcut you hadn’t known about. Or point out a particularly beautiful scenic vista along the way. Often, I’ll simply reassure you that you’re on the right track, and if you just keep going, you’ll get where you want to go, in time.

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Practical details

How: We’ll meet on Zoom, or by phone if you prefer. Meetings are typically one hour.

How much: $150/hour, including email, Zoom, & phone support in between our regular meetings. Just reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk briefly whenever you need it. 

By the way, if the cost is a deal-breaker for you because of your financial situation, let’s talk. I reserve a few spots in my practice for clients who need a sliding scale.

How often: Usually, once a month. You’re free to decide how long to continue. For many people, spiritual direction becomes a long-term relationship that can last for years as long as you feel it’s supporting and helping you. 

(I’ve worked with my own spiritual director for about 6 years now. I love that she knows me so well. And every time I see her, it’s always such a gift to be able to relax and know that she’s got me, whatever happens.)

Yes, please–I think this might be just what I need!

Let’s find a time to talk.

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