Wishing you a beautiful new year!

Happy new year, everyone!

There is so much I wish for you in this new year.

Hope, of course. 

And courage. First, to do what your heart knows is right. Also, to partner with hope when what’s happening around you is hard and scary. 

Safety, both physical and emotional.  

Love, always. May you love and be loved by friends and family. And also by trees and stars, though their language is subtle and requires patient listening.

Playfulness and laughter, as much as possible! 

Unexpected encounters that wake you up to the beautiful diversity and connectedness of this world.

Serenity, when you can find it, and self-acceptance when serenity eludes you, as it so often will.

Opportunities to share your gifts with others who need exactly what you most delight in giving.

And most of all, a growing trust in your own soul, and in the nudges of spirit that help you find your way every day.

Blessings always and in all ways,


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