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Highly Sensitive Clergy Coaching Group

Openings coming in early 2024!

For Unitarian Universalist clergy who identify as “highly sensitive” and want to craft ways of ministering that honor our intuitive, tender, and wise souls.

If you’re highly sensitive, your gifts of empathy, intuition, and creativity are incredibly powerful tools for ministry. But ministry can take a real toll on you, with its constant, varied demands, conflicts, and emergencies. And because of our high sensitivity, a lot of the standard training and advice about ministry doesn’t work for us.

But we can learn ways of honoring ourselves as highly sensitive people that will make a real difference in our felt experience of ministry. In this clergy coaching group, you’ll gain greater appreciation for your gifts and create custom strategies to help you thrive in your ministry—all in a supportive community of highly sensitive colleagues, with all the energy that emerges in a creative, caring small group.

On-demand workshops

Spiritual well

Drinking from the Well of Spirit: An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Available on-demand for your group or congregation

What if you could travel to a beautiful otherworldly realm to meet compassionate spirits and seek healing? This is the promise of Core Shamanism, a shamanic path emphasizing respect for indigenous traditions and love for the Earth. You’ll learn about basic principles of Core Shamanism and how to practice safely and ethically.

Then, using a drumbeat to help shift our consciousness, we’ll journey to meet a compassionate helping spirit. 

Sunrise geese--Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine: A Lectio Divina Series

Available on-demand for your group or congregation

In this Zoom-based online series, we’ll use the ancient practice of lectio divina (sacred reading) to enter into conversation with texts by 5 writers, including Howard Thurman, Mary Oliver, Parker Palmer, Joy Harjo, and Martha Graham.

No prior experience is necessary. Just come as you are, and I’ll lead you through it.

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